Building Trust: An Asset to Your Business

"Sandy was able to quickly break down and explain the power and importance of building trust inside our company within our management team and between our team and the staff of our company. His practical guidance to leadership and his ability to facilitate a group discussion helped us get issues on the table and discuss them."

Kevin Gienger, CPA
Managing Partner - Boldt, Carlisle, Smith

Trust and Leadership

While conducting research for my doctorate I conducted over 150 interviews regarding the topic of leadership.  When I reviewed my interview notes, I noticed that there was one specific word most people used to describe a “good” leader.   That word was trust.   As I thought about this interesting finding I was curious to know if there are specific behaviors leaders use to build trust.  So I began asking both leaders and team members to describe specific behaviors that help build trust.  Over the past 23 years I’ve continued to conduct field research to validate and reaffirm the findings from my original research.  Listed below is a summary of trust building behaviors that successful leaders and team members exhibit and utilize:

1. Demonstrates honesty and integrity

2.  Actions are consistent with words (walks the talk) 

3.  Demonstrates respect for others

4.  Actively listens

5.  Is a team player

6.  Acts responsibly

7.  Takes initiative and innovates

8.  Maintains a positive attitude

9.  Seeks continuous self-improvement

10.  Delivers results